The fast growth of Wallenborn’s aerospace and outsized cargo business prompted a multi-million euro investment in new trailers to add to its XXL fleet. These trailers are unique to Wallenborn and have been designed with several special features for the safe and secure transportation of outsized cargoes such as aero engines, fan cases, helicopters and fuselage sections. Each trailer is capable of carrying up to 28 tonnes and can be loaded and unloaded in three ways; through the side, the roof or the rear-doors. The trailers come equipped with a K-Fix multi-point lashing system that ensures fragile shipments can be securely stowed.

One of the key benefits of our XXL trailers is their lifting roofs which can be hydraulically raised to 320cm internal height during loading. This allows, for example, very large turbo fan engines to be loaded without any risk of contact between the engine and the trailer roof. Another feature is the 300cm extendable entrance at the rear of the trailer which allows us to seamlessly load wide shipments on ULDs. Cargoes with a width up to 330cm can be enclosed in our XXL trailers meaning they are safe and also remain ‘Known’ during the entire land transit, which can result in significant cost savings for our customers.

Wallenborn is a regulated agent certified by the Luxembourgish government. We have been TAPA TSR certified since 2012 and were the first asset-based company in the EMEA region to be certified at three levels – levels 1, 2 and 3. We currently have fixed outsized licenses between 290cm - 400cm in numerous countries across Europe, and further licenses can be obtained upon request. We have over 70 extendable mega curtain-side trailers of which 22 are currently assigned to fixed outsized trucks and drivers.

Features and services for outsize transport include:

  • Dedicated fleet of outsized drivers and trailers
  • Internal outsized specialty training program
  • In-house monitoring
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Online tracking

Whilst we strive for a 100% success rate, we are prepared for when things do go wrong. As such, we have obtained Grade AAA insurance which is also unsurpassed in the industry.

Aerospace engines

As part of our outsize transportation services Wallenborn has developed specific capabilities aimed at aerospace engine transportation. We have fixed transport licenses for the world's largest aircraft engines in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal and specific routes in Germany and Great Britain. Wallenborn also operates a fleet of customised low bed trailers, mainly used for transporting these types of engines. Some of these trailers are equipped with a power rollerbed in order to facilitate seamless handling via highloader, directly from aircraft to truck. One custom trailer also has a hydraulic lifting mechanism. This new mechanism allows us to lift GEnx engines (powering Boeing 747-8 and Boeing Dreamliner 787) in order to install shock mounts for safer road transportation. The engine is transferred directly from the aircraft via high-loader (Boeing 777F or 747F) or by an internal crane system (Antonov) to the trailer, where shock-mounts are attached before road transport begins.

One of the key reasons for Wallenborn’s significant investment in XXL trailers is that the new generation of aero engines for aircrafts such as the Airbus A330 NEO (powered by the Trent 7000 engine), A350 or A380 and Boeing’s B747-8, B777 and B787 are larger and require very strict professional handling. This especially applies to the way the engine cradles are chained or strapped to the trailer. Wallenborn has developed its own “Engine Handling Procedures” for each engine type and also maintains a record of all shipments through the “Engine Check Lists”. Further services and capabilities include:

  • Dedicated engine / XXL team with 24/7 coverage
  • Customised, multi-lingual training program for AC engine transports
  • Wallenborn supervision provided at all major cargo airports
  • Dedicated  engine carrier fleet on which larger engines can also be transported as “secured cargo” in order to maintain a high security status
  • Certified strapping equipment on all engine carriers (5 ton & 10 ton straps) and chains where needed


Specialised Training Programme

Wallenborn understands the need for continuous improvement in the areo engine market, which means that procedures, checks and training are frequently updated.

With this in mind, Wallenborn developed an in-house training program specifically designed for aircraft engine loading, securing and transporting. This training is provided to a carefully selected group of staff that deal with this type of outsized transportation. Members include key office staff, pre-loaders, and our hand-picked driver crew that make up the outsized and aerospace team.

This training program is a part of the business model for Wallenborn's outsize & aerospace division, is incorporated in our overarching quality management policy, and is currently managed out of our headquarters in Munsbach, Luxembourg.


Flat bed truck & Mega extensible Curtainside Trailers

Flat bed trucks for exceptional loads up to 3.60m height, and Mega extendible Curtainside trailers in which loads up to 3m high and 3.3m wide can be kept 'secure'. 

To learn more about our outsize transportation services for engines or to request a quote please email BIG@wallenborn.com.