Every day, Europe exports hundreds of millions of euros worth of goods and imports hundreds of millions more. This makes the European Union a dynamic place to do business but it is also an increasingly challenging market for any company without a resilient supply chain security strategy.


The number of cargo crimes recorded by the Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA) Incident Information Service (IIS) in 2018 represented the highest number in our 21-year history and resulted in the loss of more than €153.8 million of products from supply chains across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. This represents a 38.2% increase year-on-year.



Key figures for the region include:

  • 3'981 cargo crimes reported in EMEA
  • a loss of EUR 421'510 for every day of the year
  • 35 countries in the EMEA region reported cargo theft incidents, but 97.4% of crimes recorded took place in 10 countries 

These figures are for reported crimes only, so in reality losses could be substantially higher. 47.9% of crimes reported were listed as unspecified or miscellaneous. The highest percentage of of thefts by products listed were tobacco at 11.2% which is up 246.5% from 2017.

Unsecured parking areas were by far the most targeted areas for theft accounting for 58.8% of all incidents.

The UK accounted for 64.9% of all crimes reported to TAPA’s IIS in the EMEA region. This is up 73.1% on 2017. Whilst retaining second place for the level of recorded incidents in 2018, the Netherlands actually saw 24.5% fewer crimes reported to TAPA EMEA. Germany, Sweden and South Africa were the other top 10 countries to report a lower number of incidents to the IIS database in the past year:
• Germany – 142 crimes, down 45.8%
• Sweden – 50 crimes, down 68.1%
• South Africa – 40 crimes, down 24.5%

Research also shows the true cost of loss of a cargo crime can be 5-7 times greater than the value of the goods stolen, once all subsequent factors are taken into consideration.


Source: TAPA EMEA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) Annual Report for 2018


According to BSI's Global Supply Chain Intelligence report, numerous factors are influencing supply chain risks gloabally. These risks include security, social responsibility, and business continuity, many of which are provoked by one another.

Source: 2017 BSI Global Supply Chain Intelligence Review


Wallenborn recognised the growing need for secured transport years ago and as such became an early mover in this field. Now with years of experience under our belt Wallenborn boasts a near perfect success rate when it comes to secured transportation. Safety, security, and reliability is what you can expect when trucking with Wallenborn, and securing, tracking, and delivering your goods safely and on time is our priority. Wallenborn is a regulated agent and we have been TAPA TSR certified since 2012. We were also the first asset-based company in the EMEA region to be certified at three levels – levels 1, 2 and 3. We are an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) and an active member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) since 2002. Wallenborn uses TAPAs industry benchmark security standards and cargo crime intelligence to underpin its secure offerings for shippers of highly valuable and vulnerable products.

Each year we successfully complete various statutory, ISO, internal and external audits. This means that our logistics services meet all quality requirements and regulations in the field of safety and security, staff training levels, orderliness and cleanliness, availability and strict adherence to standard operating procedures.

Our commitment to safety and security is amongst the best in the industry and includes:

  • 100% fleet control: HVC (High Value Cargo) and HVTT (High Value Theft Transport) shipments using own security fleet
  • Professional team of drivers with comprehensive background checks
  • Background checks on all employees
  • Security training program for all employees
  • Hard-bodied, high security trucks
  • Pre-excursion alarms
  • Security locks and seals
  • Alert messaging & alarm systems
  • Pre-defined routes & secure parking
  • Two drivers when required
  • Escort vehicles when specified
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Intervention
  • Satellite tracking technology
  • Geo-fencing locations and routes
  • Contingency planning


Whilst we strive for a 100% success rate, we are prepared for when things do go wrong. As such, we have obtained Grade AAA insurance which is also unsurpassed in the industry.

Our TSR1 trucks and trailers are of the highest standard and include the below security features. All security systems are connected to certified tracking, monitoring and an intervention coordination centre.



  • GPS locator
  • GSM phone connected to monitoring centre
  • Silent panic buttons
  • Alarm connected to monitoring centre. Alarm in case tractor and trailer are separated.
  • GPS navigation system with geo/fencing functionality
  • Trailer ID in reflective figure of roof
  • GPS locator
  • Door sensors connected to monitoring centre
  • 4 pneumatic door locks
  • Lock-down system
  • Reinforced trailer doors


To learn more about our secure transportation services or to request a quote please email