Ties that bind: Frantz Wallenborn

As the third-generation owner of Wallenborn Group, Frantz Wallenborn is holding fast to the legacy built by his grandfather. But he does not expect his children to do the same.


Luxembourg, 01.08.2019

Like many who join a family business, Frantz’s career grew more out of chance than passion. “My father was running a small trucking company and I was tailing him.
At some point, it felt like the right thing to do to join the business,” he explains.

Although he was the boss’s son, Frantz paid his dues. “I started out as a dispatcher before moving on to bookkeeping and managing invoices. The company was still a small enterprise then, so there was little outsourcing and everything was done in-house,” he recalls.

Frantz dabbled in various departments and was able to gain a complete understanding of the firm’s full operations. His first role, however, remains his favourite.

“Dispatching was really my baby,” he professes. “Europe then was so unlike the Europe of today – there were borders. It was very exciting, being just 25 years old or so, to get to travel to all these different countries, interacting with and proposing new ideas to customers.”

Frantz took on the role of CEO in 1998 after his parents moved to the south of Spain for their retirement. Even though he hadn’t started out with a particular passion for the industry, Frantz nevertheless found himself keen to succeed. “I think it has something to do with my personality,” he guesses.

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