Wallenborn Belgium becomes a Regulated Agent

Our Belgian branch, Wallenborn Belgium SPRL, passed the audit to become a Regulated Agent.


Luxembourg, 30.07.2019

Around 80% of air cargo is carried on passenger aircraft, so it is important that all air cargo is robustly screened to ensure that prohibited articles are not part of flown cargo. To be able to handle secure cargo, companies need to become a Regulated Agent, as approved and required by the aviation authority.

Pre-requisites of becoming a Regulated Agent include:

  • you handle cargo which will be carried on civil aircraft
  • you or another person acting on your behalf deliver cargo direct to an aircraft operator

In addition, companies must be able to demonstrate that:

  • all staff (permanent, temporary/agency staff and drivers) with access to air cargo/mail have received the appropriate aviation security training
  • access to the production area is controlled and the production process is supervised

Once a company has successfully completed the audit and approved as a Regulated Agent, listing can be for up to a maximum of five years before. Therafter companies need to be re-audited.

With its new status, Wallenborn Belgium now joins Wallenborn Netherlands BV, Wallenborn UK Limited, Wallenborn Scandinavia A/S, and of course Wallenborn Transports S.A. in Luxembourg as a Regulated Agent. A big congratulations to Donald Schaap, Branch Manager Belgium, and his team for the successful audit completion.

To learn more about how we can support you in Belgium, please contact Donald Schaap and his team on + 32 4 235 81 50 or LGG.request@wallenborn.com.