Wallenborn drives down emissions in U.A.E.

Wallenborn's trucks and trailers in Dubai have the lowest emission standard currently in place in the U.A.E.

Dubai, 14.10.2019

Wallenborn Transports launched in the U.A.E. back in February 2013 with its first office in Dubai. Its aim was to develop a range of land transport services in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

This expansion was followed by Wallenborn’s observation that airlines and frequencies were growing in the Gulf states and spotting a trend toward higher frequencies of smaller aircrafts within the GCC.

A mere eight months later it opened a second local office, this time in Sharjah.

The launch in Sharjah was in response to fast growing demand for Wallenborn’s air cargo trucking services from airlines, forwarders and integrators across the U.A.E.

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