Air cargo RFS

Wallenborn is one of Europe’s largest air-cargo road feeder services (RFS) operator, and market leader in major markets including Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. We are proud to have the most extensive European network with a presence in more than 120 airports in central Europe.

In 2009 Wallenborn became the first trucking company to publish performance data measured against Cargo 2000’s service level agreement for road feeder services. The company is a regulated agent certified by the Luxembourgish government. We have also been TAPA TSR certified since 2012 and were the first asset-based company in the EMEA region to be certified at three levels – levels 1, 2 and 3.

Wallenborn controls a clean, modern and advanced fleet of more than 900 vehicles in total.

Wallenborn uses a custom developed transport management system (TMS) which is integrated with multiple internal applications for seamless order processing and tracking.

For each transport executed, we are able to offer our clients the following services:

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Intervention services
  • Advanced KPI reporting
  • Customised reporting



In 2010 Wallenborn launched its 4th Party Logistics initiative which has since become a major driver of growth for the company. With its 4PL services Wallenborn is able to offer complete supply chain solutions to clients. This includes, where applicable, hub handling, trucking to final destination, document and physical handling at destination and delivery to consignee and vice versa for the export transit chain. Wallenborn offers distribution from main airport hubs such as LUX, AMS, BCN, BRU, CDG, CPH, FCO, FRA, LHR, MAD, MUC, MXP, VIE and ZRH to some 100 other airports as well as full handling at over 80 airports in Europe.

Wallenborn’s Distribution Service Centres (DSC) employ dedicated teams to co-ordinate ground transport and handling, including all Cargo-IMP messaging, communication and related customer service. Key account 4PL management concepts at strategic and operational levels ensure adherence to framework agreements and also relationship development with the customer.

This all-in-one product offering can be likened to the 4PL concepts of integrators and dedicated logistics operators that dedicate operations to their customers in order to provide the benefits of self-handling, whereby they manage the whole logistics chain from start to finish using their own and partners’ capacity to satisfy customer requirements.

Wallenborn has three network DSCs – Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and our main centre in Luxembourg – where dedicated personnel provide a host of customer benefits:

  • Simplification and harmonization of logistics (trucking and handling) across some 25 countries
  • Administrative precision and transparency over the whole network from performance reporting to invoicing
  • Clear management structure around the product, with Operational Key Account Managers (OKAMs) assigned to manage the client relationship
  • Customer service – an integral approach towards the market ensures seamless communication and provision of information.



At Wallenborn we understand how important shipment tracking is to our customers. As such we have adopted the following as standard messaging procedures:

  • Order departure confirmation
  • Order arrival confirmation
  • Online POD (proof of delivery)
  • Performance report

To learn more about our air cargo RFS transportation services or to request a quote please email